free compensation for U.S. flight delays

Winglet Makes The Burden Of Traveling Behind Schedule A Little Easier To Withstand By Compensating Passengers For Free In The Event of Flight Delays. Take Advantage By Registering for Winglet's "Flight Club" Before Your Next Flight.







How Winglet Works:

1Tell Us Where You’re Going

Select Your Departure And Destination Airports, As Well As The Date Of Your Flight.

2Free Registration

We just need a little more information…!

3 Get Compensated

If You’re Delayed By More Than 60 Minutes, Winglet Compensates You Automatically.

Traveling Is Hard. It’s Time You Got Paid For It.

90% of people feel undercompensated for delayed flights.

We’re out to close this gap.

Flexible Outcomes

Our packages cover delays, diversions, and cancellations related to: weather, air traffic control, unanticipated aircraft maintenance, and more.

FAA Data

Winglet immediately checks your flight result against public FAA databases to determine your payout eligibility.

Use It On The Go

Winglet always has you in mind. Enjoy winglet on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Get Paid Fast

Your travel delays are gathered within seconds of happening. Winglet is an industry leader in the time it takes to get from delayed to paid.

Count On Us

Winglet is a safe and secure platform trusted by thousands of people across the united states.

Personal Service

You are our #1 asset. We’re always here to help.